Comic Book Artist Wanted

I’m looking for a comic book artist who would like to work with me on some projects. I have one script finished and I am working on several others. If anyone knows any artists who would be interested in making some money, I would gladly negotiate any price that I can.

All I need is to see a portfolio and a cover letter sent to I want to get started soon.

What I’m doing right now

Hi readers!

You’re probably not going to hear from me for a while. I was working on a novel that I sent to an editor. Like I hoped she ripped it apart. Criticism is a part of the game, but it really got me thinking. She didn’t like my style, and I believe that it has something to do with my use of comic style jokes.

Most of my writings are supposed to be comics. That’s what I’ve aimed for while writing, and it occurs to me that maybe I’m wasting my time writing novels when I should be writing comics.

I have something that I am working on. Many of you have read the Mothman story I posted here. Well that is a part of a bigger work and I am working on translating that into a comic script as well as the rest of my character stories. I wish to release them into an anthology called Book of Heroes. My goal is to finish it by the summer. Fingers crossed!

My only qualm is that paying an artist to render my work may be expensive, but I’ve decided instead of letting my fear dictate my dream, I would dive in and see what happens.

Something I would also like to mention. Keep me in your minds, not only for my work, but for MY mind. I have been under some poor thinking. I’ve let negative energies influence me to do some stupid stuff. Long story short, I hurt a woman I love. I’m very disgusted with myself and I need some prayer and healing. I wish to take back my mind and lose these demons.

On that note, I am going to find a church (I recently moved) and get involved there.

I wanted to put this out there, because I really need the prayer and I hope if all those who follow me and read my work would do me this favor. In return, I hope to keep you in my prayers if there is anything I can pray for you. Email me at

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of spam, but I will filter through it, promise 🙂

Thanks for believing in me, and take care,

S. T. Hatlaban

My Warrior Woman

I know this is shit but bear with me…


I want a strong woman.

A woman who can pick me up

when I fall down;

One I can pick up

When she falls down.

I am strong.

I expect the same.


I want a partner.

A woman who has my back.

A woman with a rifle ready,

A sword drawn,

So that when I make the first strike,

I can count on her to follow-up.


I want a warrior woman.

feisty, strong-willed, Valkyrie

Goddess Athena,

Who won’t take any of my



I’m fighting for her,

But if she’s not fighting for me,

I guess I’ll lower my head.


Friendship is a tricky subject. I really don’t think I have a best friend any more, and frankly it is hard to really consider one when you’re my age due to having to work, study, and pursue hobbies that may turn into something worth while, but friendship is something I would like to achieve again.

My friendships have been few. I’ve had many acquaintances that I have considered friends in the past, but really I would say that I have maybe, at this point in time 3.5. I say 3.5 because I really don’t know. I’ve had “friends” burn me hard in the past, rightfully so for some, and yet there were some who burned me because they were simply shitty people.

Like I said I have probably 3.5 friends. Number one right now is a married friend of mine, who expresses love in such a way that I wonder if she is secretly naive. I have been accused of such naivety myself, but she seems to genuinely seek all the fruits of the holy spirit in such a self-abandoning way that seems extremely counter-productive to living in this shit world–natually I find myself envious.

She has been hurt too, by many, and we share an introversion and weirdness that one could only have with a best friend. But even she is not a best friend, I suppose, fore we don’t hang out that often.

We like to talk theology and philosophy and I always leave her company exhausted, because though I consider myself of above average intelligence, she is hard to keep up with. She has a very deep mind, incredibly empathetic, and I feel like she loves me for me. I can tell her anything. I’d love to find a single woman like her.

However I seem to be more attracted to the bad girl type, or perhaps very troubled. I know that last year alone two women had the unfortunate time of meeting me durin my “shitty months.” Winter is a hard time for me. I’ve never had a real relationship for this reason or that, mostly because my balls hadn’t dropped yet.

Good news, ladies… 🙂

But this reall isn’t about me, though I really didn’t know what to write. I could have written about the times I was burned, but I don’t think that would be a good display of what friendship really means to me. My best friend, above, is probably the best illustration… too bad she is married.

I’d love to meet my best friend someday, though. I want to spend my time traveling with her, shooting, and teaching our kids the fundamentals of surviving in a cruel world. Maybe have some place in the country where we can be, semi, off the grid. Grow veggies and take care of ourselves… But I got to accomplish a lot before I can shape that fantasy into reality… Soon…

America the Great

I’d been planning for this moment for years, and it finally happened: the US dollar collapsed. There was total panic, just as I suspected would happen, and the people finally stood up and took back their country from the idiotic politicians, bankers, and business people; we had had enough and it was time to pay.

I hadn’t suffered as bad as the others. I had a family that was approaching retirement, and they had done rather well for themselves. It didn’t matter, however, as now their funds were worthless. Everyone’s funds were worthless… Though I suppose the asshat fuckers who kept so much of their money overseas, so as to not pay their fair share of taxes were probably OK. And I can only presume that they were long gone. They probably saw all of this coming.

So did I. I, however, didn’t have an offshore account that avoided petty conveniences like roads, schools, small businesses, stadiums I could never visit, and the like. I had a lot of debt. From student loans to credit cards, all siphoning my monthly pay, along with my taxes… They were all gone now… I was free.

And while everyone else panicked about how everything was going to change, I laughed and asked, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

I was prepared. Having no ties to keep me in Indiana any longer, I loaded up my modified Ford Transit Wagon (major loan), with rifles and weaponry, lots of ammo, camping gear, seeds for planting, and several books to pass the time (credit cards).

I threw in all of my clothing in duffle bags and laundry bags. I wore my tactical gear, strapped with a large knife and glock 19, I felt pretty bad-ass.

I had ripped out the seats in the van and hung up a hammock. All I was missing was Roxy, my german shephard, and we would be off to the great forests in California. I would live amongst the wild animals and start a new life, away from everyone…

“I want to show all of my haters love, heeyyyyyy…”

My cellphone is ringing. Who the fuck is calling me?

“Hey man,” said a voice, “What’s up?”

It’s Jonathan… He must be shitting bricks right now.

“What’s up man?”

“Oh nothing… I’ve got some guys trying to break into my apartment!”

Shit… “That sucks… So, I guess the police aren’t coming?”

“No, I tried them first. Come on, man! You’re the only guys I know with like 20 guns.”

“I don’t have 20. I just have 11.”

“Whatever, just come over and shoot these guys!”

I smirk. “What about all your anti-gun shit from before? You won’t hate me if I kill them, right?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. “Do you have to kill them?”

“Look man,” I said, “The world has changed. I’m different than who I was last week at that party. I’m not saying I’m going to kill them. I’m saying they might bleed to death… Or I’ll kill them… Sorry, this sounded cooler in my head…”

“Dude, shutup and get over here! They are really pounding on this door! I’ve got the furnature up against it; I don’t know how long I can last!”

Whiny bitch… “Alright… I’m coming.”

Chasing Strangers

When I met you, I lost my mind.

Your soul lit a fire in me

that I couldn’t quench

And once it was ignited, it set my

passions ablaze, solely focused on you.


I wanted you more than anything,

and being a clumsy fool, I scared you away.

Thinking that by chasing you I could have you,

not realizing that it made you run harder…

A game of predator and prey…

My passions flared hotter, my anger stirred,

and I pushed harder, trying to catch up.

But you still ran harder!


I’m tired, but this journey has taught me a lot.

I know myself more; I know who I am.

I know I am strong. I know I am worthy

and worthwhile, though you may not see it.

I am not chasing now. I should not have to.

If you want to know me, come and find me!

I still want to know you, I’m just not chasing.

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