Loner Chapter 6

Byron stood staring at his usual circular lunch table the Monday after the almost beat down the previous weekend, and what he saw made him extremely uncomfortable. Today’s lunch was supposed to be like any other school day: Byron would stand in line and pick whatever edibles he could find, and, with a tray of food, he would stroll over to his table, unhindered by those around him and sit by himself and eat.

Today, however, fate decided to break the rules… Byron’s face turned into a grimace as he stared at his now occupied table. Sitting in its once vacant seats were Todd Muckleroy, Charisa Monroe, and Howie Nelson… talking… this was unprecedented!

They had their own friends to sit and eat with; couldn’t they bug them for today? And hopefully for the rest of the week?

Byron sat his tray down and stared at them until they finally looked up. All except Charisa; she stared down at her tray completely still.

“Hey, man,” said Howie, smiling, “Why don’t you take a seat?”

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The Tale of the Jackelope

In the early days of Earth’s creation, there was a huge party. All the animals were invited and amongst them were Angelo Antelope and Rita Rabbit.

Angelo was a shy, young buck, who didn’t have it very easy with the young lady antelopes. Though he tried to be a strong and virile antelope in front of them, it didn’t help that he was the smallest antelope.

Yes, Angelo was very small for an antelope; he was a third the size of a normal male. He was constantly made fun of in high school by both the males and females of his species.

Rita, on the other hand, was a very popular female. She had many suitors trying to mate with her, but she was very weary of them.

She knew she was beautiful, but she also knew that beauty faded and she worried that they would leave her once she aged. She noticed that among the young male rabbits that approached her, they were only interested in one thing, and she wasn’t interested, however sometimes she found it hard to get rid of them.

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The Psychic Society: Chapter 5

Jillian stood outside the LaGuardia Airport, the sky darkened by black clouds, visibility blinded by sheets of pouring water. She pulled her coat tightly around her neck, relieving the unusual chill crawling down it.

Her good for nothing brother had the audacity of not meeting her at the airport! And though it was comforting to have such a sum deposited into her bank account, she could have done with a little more accommodation. She reached into her coat pocket and brought out a sheet of paper where she scribbled the address.

456 Sycamore Avenue Apartment Building 7, Apartment 21, Queens…

Te cab ride was swift and Jillian found herself standing outside a very nice apartment complex. Staring up the front at the stone and brick that composed the structure, she forgot all about the sheets of rain soaking her clothes.

Then she felt a familiar pull, as if someone took her by the hand, and guided her through the door and towards the elevator. Once inside, she was urged to press the 6 button. Pressing it, she regained her senses, a sense of panic… The elevator chimed. She was now on floor 6, should she get out to see what was behind that door?

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Loner Chapter 5

I know people don’t typically like these… but I’m going to do it anyway. For those of you that have been reading Loner and waiting patiently for the next chapter, Chapter 5 is here. The long wait has been due to my backup plan, so-to-speak, training on being an IT professional.

Those of you who have been liking my Loner posts, thanks a lot. It means so much to me. It has encouraged me to continue writing it and writing the 4 volumes (or so) that I have planed for it.

So please be patient. I have a lot on my plate, but I want to continue to entertain you with the story of Byron Lucas. So without further a do, Chapter 5:

Meanwhile, back at the home of Tina Kurt, a slumber party was underway. Tina invited Alice and Jennifer, her two closest friends, and the three of them sat in Tina’s pink carpeted, pink wallpapered room with pink bed spread and pink pillow cases.

Both Alice and Jennifer felt that pink was a little too girly, but Tina loved pink, so they said nothing to spare her feelings.

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Loner Chapter 4

It was clear to Byron that he was going to have the longest four years ever. Not only had he managed to piss off the biggest jerk in school, he was sure that he and his friends wouldn’t rest until they had gotten their revenge… Interesting…

It wasn’t that Byron enjoyed fighting or even hurting others, but he had to admit there was a certain thrill in it, especially when faced with opponents he had never met before. There was some validation in it, like that his nine years training in the martial arts was worth every penny.

And now he would pass on some of his knowledge to the clumbsy and frighteningly talkative Todd Muckleroy. It was one 2 hour phone call that resulted in Byron’s early departure on a Saturday morning towards the Muckleroy estate. It was only a mile walk from his house, so Byron thought he would get a little exercise before their training. He didn’t want his dad to drive him, knowing he would totally get the wrong idea, and it this would be a good chance to use his GPS app on his phone.

The end of August approached and the frigid morning told Byron that Fall wasn’t playing around. Wearing an outfit of shorts and a tank-top, Byron felt more than a little chilled… Byron focused. He was being followed… At least it felt like he was being followed. It was hard to explain; ever since he was a little boy he had a sense for these things, like a ripple in the air disturbing his personal space.

He smiled. ‘Well,’ he thought, ‘A little warm up would be fine before we got started. I can’t kick Todd around all day…’

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Loner Chapter 3

Friday came in a flash and Byron sat in his last class of the day: biology. His class had been studying human biology, something that Byron was very interested in, though not for the same reason as most of his classmates. Byron was interested in all the weak points of the body. Though he was strong for his size, he believed it was good to know everything about the enemy’s body in order to win.

Unfortunately, Mr. Flunderson, a bespectacled man with graying hair, didn’t think it was necessary to talk about those details. They spent most of their time in the large intestine, a place where Byron hoped he would never visit, and he spent most of class drawing in his notebook. This time he drew his classroom and himself sitting in the back row with his lab partner Ryan Sipple: the so called lazy kid.

He was called Lazy Kid because he slept through every class. It was interesting to Byron that he never saw this kid awake, always his head of long, sandy blonde hair spreading across the table like an octopus, covering his face from those pesky fluorescent bulbs. It didn’t bother Byron in the least; Ryan was one less kid to stare at him or talk to him, but he was a bit surprised that Mr. Flunderson didn’t have anything to say about it.

For whatever reason, Mr. Flunderson acted as if Ryan wasn’t even there, possibly another one of those teachers who just didn’t give a frak. All in all Byron considered Lazy Kid to be the bestest peer ever! One who didn’t talk or even acknowledge his existence. Sure he had to do all the work when they did experiments, but he preferred that anyway. He just kept his mouth shut, did the work and lazy kid would sleep and not bother him.

Byron drew throughout the rest of class. He drew Todd Muckleroy and Howie Nelson and Russell Brown and Tina Kurt… He found it interesting that he could draw them so well after only meeting them a couple of times.

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Loner Chapter 2

The cafeteria clamored with murmurs and chair scraping as students settled in for their lunch, laughter and voices regaling the events of the morning, as well as smiles, and grimaces alike, at the food about to be eaten, all while sitting at large, round tables, encircling various clicks.

Tina Kurt settled in with her fellow cheerleaders, glancing this way and that, she had yet to glimpse the boy who saved her the previous weekend. Not that Tina wanted to see him, he was regular, extremely regular and remarkably unremarkable… looks anyways, but she still found it weird that he rescued her without even trying to cop a feel.

Though she meant to keep the whole incident to herself, the very next day she managed to tell her two best friends, Alice and Jennifer (also cheerleaders), who she made swear to secrecy, and soon after that she started to tell everyone and by the end of the week everybody from the cheerleaders to the mathletes knew what happened.

It was all she could talk about; she could not keep her mouth shut about the short, scrawny, pale kid who saved her life and didn’t even try to get to first base with her.

“I’m beginning to think you want him to make a move on you,” said Alice, a girl with short, dark brown hair, a coy smile spreading across her face.

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