Genesis Chapter One

There has always been much discussion about the first day of the universe. Some will tell you that it was created by an almighty being, and still others will say that the universe was a collection of chemicals that some how collided, creating the cosmos.

The truth is that both are right. God, in most religions, has a definite shape. He looks like man… man was created in his own image… Sure… But the truth is God has no definite shape.

He is the words of his book. He is the sun. He is the hidden vibrations in the universe itself. He IS. I AM…

We are not God. Like any creation, there is a bit of the Creator inside. A bit. That does not mean one is a god because the Lord breathed into him, it simply means that ingrained in each living thing is the programming to be righteous: a light bringing messenger of the Most High.

But… we have seen bad; we have seen evil. We have witnessed tiny misdeeds as well as some large. We are just as capable of evil as we are good… we just often choose the former because it is easy.

As for The Big Bang, God vibrated. The chemicals formed, they mixed, they boomed, and thus created the whole universe. His wavelength reached out, with delicate fingers, and tinkered space into being.

Earth bubbled, boiled, warmed, cooled, erupted, with magic fingers. And from within the earth, man was formed. Baked with a recipe of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, and a variety of other elements, the human race rose from the dust, multiplied, and vibrated with God.

We were perfect… and then they came.

Before man’s construction, there were two others. These two shared the same ancestry, but within decades a chasm formed. They are called, respectively, the Azurians and the Drakonians.

The Azurians are seekers of enlightenment and concern themselves ultimately with the vibration of God.

The Drakonians are seekers of self and concern themselves with conquest.

The Azurians were watching the Drakonians; they saw the touch down, their ships hovering over Eden. They obeyed the Lord and did not interfere.

The Drakonians, wanting the Earth’s resources to further their research goals, took full advantage of the young humans below…

The Line

I’ve done some pretty cool stuff inside my head. Being the type who doesn’t talk much, a quiet one, if you will, I like to observe and think about what I’ve observed, often going deep inside my head to analyze the details.

Sometimes I don’t have things to analyze. Sometimes I just want to discover the secrets inside. One time I was looking for the off switch for the brain, just to see if one exists. I found it. It was like a shutdown switch, and being a curious scholar, I pulled the lever to off. I felt like my brain was turning off, like I was about to go into a deep sleep. I then noticed that I wasn’t breathing. Panic erupted in my mind and I immediately flipped the switch back and aborted any shutdown.

It was truly frightening. I remember the adrenaline pumping, panting, like I had just run a marathon, gasping for air, so happy to be breathing. I never tried that again.

Another time I found myself strolling on the dark side of my mind, and it was there that I saw a line. I knew what it was; it was in my brain after all, and as such you seem to know exactly what everything is.

This line was the crossing point from sanity to insanity… I knew full well what was on the other side, or rather I had a dim idea of what was over there. I remember there was a voice on the other side, telling me to cross the line and check it out. My scientific side was intrigued, so, of course, I threw caution to the wind and jumped defiantly over the line and started to run.

It was awful…

The things I heard… The sights, unimaginable, frightening, things you wouldn’t think of if you were sane.

I remember children crying, screaming. Lots of screaming. Wailing. Pleading, don’t do it! Don’t kill me!

I remember the insanity… The wide, crooked smile forming on my face. The maniacal laughter. The sound of rounds penetrating a body. Of daggers piecing through blood soaked skin. The ravenous urge to eat and kill and kill and eat and tear and bleed and destroy…

I’m glad I ran away. I turned right around and I ran full sprinting. I ran as fast as I could back to the line, back to the side of sanity. I remember crossing back over and leaving the line far away in the distance. I never turned back around. I never looked back. I never looked for the line again. I want nothing to do with it.

The Cutter’s Club Part 2

It had been three years since Devon had been abducted by the cutting couple and he had never left the chair or the white, opening-less room. His body had atrophied, he was more skin and fat than muscle and blood any more. He was fed every day, three meals, aside from the cutting, the couple took pretty good care of him.

His body was covered in scars. There really wasn’t a spot that wasn’t a pink, red, or purple line. It itched, and Devon wished he could scratch… at the same time it wasn’t necessary. He had given up on leaving. He was stuck there. Everyday he was molested and cut. He had been raped by several individuals, who came and went like fresh air. His favorite moments, were the moments he was alone, but there were also the rare moments where his captors let him participate.

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Cutter’s Club Part 1

I would like to preface this by saying that cutting is not a good idea. I’m not a cutter myself, I understand that there must be some sort of adrenaline high that comes from it, but it is harmful to the body and should NOT be practiced. If you are a cutter, I beg you to TELL someone.

Now, I would also like to say that this story was a nightmare I had. Now I don’t expect this to become some sort of franchise, my plan here is to introduce a character for a bigger project.

It being a dream, I believe I’ve had some time to kind of hash it out, so here it is:

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The Adventures of Taylor Swift Part 3

We last left our heroes in the Southern Woods, where the lovely high priestess Taylor Swift fought off the cunning thief Meg Myers and in return uncovered the truth about the Crystal Tones.

We now join our hero in a grody bar where the unthinkable transaction took place.

“Your scribe is very annoying,” said Meg Myers, sipping from her tea cup.

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The Adventures of Taylor Swift Part 2

It wasn’t long until the beautiful and charming High Priestess Taylor Swift, found herself in some major trouble. Not only was she charged with protecting a lowly scribe, such as myself, but the her quest in retrieving the Crystal Tones led her to the mysterious thief herself.

It was a lovely day, as always, in the land of Musica, as the lovely priestess and I traveled out of the capitol city, down the cobble stone path towards the dark and mysterious Southern Woods.

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The Adventures of Taylor Swift: The Quest for the Crystal Tones

When I first met the priestess, I was just an aid in the Queen’s service… Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, do you?

In the land of Musica, which is a place far from the land that you come from, music is everything. It IS. It is structure, chaos… every little thing in the world is music. Music is rhythm, emotion, it is everything in the land of Musica.

Those highly gifted in music are called artists. They travel the world performing and bring light into the world…

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