I’m the one that tells you not to let go.

You never know when you’ll need that thing that blocks your flow.

You can’t imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have that.

And if you lose it, your life would be over, do you have to ask?

I’m the one that keeps your grip strong.

Your fingers wrap around what, to you, belongs.

Your mind wraps around and squeezes like a catchy song,

and your heart can’t let go, so it can’t be wrong.

Just gather up your stuff, you can take it with you.

I’m the one that keeps your fists tight, that’s your one clue!

Who am I?


I’m the one that tells you what you want to hear.

Like my boy BLUE, rationalism makes it all too clear.

Green was right when he told about the loss of life.

Never love and you can avoid the pain of that lovely knife.

The twins are rough, but the what they said is the deepest truth:

Your past you, and you can never escape the living prove.

Reality it’s about taking things into perspective.

If you enjoy it, just do it should be your final elective.

You are you, and you should do whatever you love.

I am the one who calms your mind with comforts from above.

Who am I?



I am the one that tells you it is all right.

I am the one that regards your actions as holy and light.

I tell you that your actions are justified, cause and effect.

They pushed you that far, so they deserve what they get.

Reality is not about right and wrong.

It is survival of the fittest, not team work or who you take along.

You are all enlightened animals, serving your needs.

Life has no finer purpose, you screw and you breed.

You multiply on the planet, like a cancerous growth.

Listen to your betters, these truths they know!

Who am I?


I’m the one that keeps you immobile.

The one that grips on the happiness deep inside your soul.

I feed off your loss, your sadness and leave you broken.

I visit you, rehearse with you every lost word never spoken.

I curl up with you, comfort you with the good times.

Then I show you reality, and laugh as I watch you cry.

If there is one thing I truly love about my job,

It’s when time inches by and you become a slob.

Done for now, but I really got to ask you how

Would your loved one feel if they could see you now?

Who am I?


I have a sick way of getting your attention.

I whisper in your ear, your dark deeds, I like to mention.

Every new experience, I remind you of your affliction,

And when you say, “That’s not me!” I play another depiction.

I keep you from people, tell you, you don’t need their interaction.

They won’t accept you anyways, based on your past transactions.

My twin and I keep you from any new junctions.

We specialize in breaking souls, reducing their primary function.

We’ll remind you everyday that the past is never erased,

and we’re diligent too, so give up your righteous chase!

Who am I?


I’m the one that makes your stomach ache.

The one that creeps up on you, when you make a mistake.

I’m always there, waiting for you, again, to break.

And I point it out, again and again, to see how much you can take.

My twin and I are a dream team for real!

We push you, hurt you again so you can never heal.

I hit you first, a sucker punch to the gut, your breath I steal.

My twin strike you again and again so your fate is sealed.

You can’t shake us up, we’ll be with you forever!

We’re a double combo, greatest team ever!

Who am I?


I am the one who crawls up and down your spine.

The one that pricks your consciousness from time to time.

The one who stops you from truly living life,

A dark cloud that lingers and tells you how to walk the line.

Many don’t accomplish much with me by their side,

Still many find comfort and truth in my many lies.

I am the root of a lot of evil sights,

And I’ve killed so many dreams while in disguise.

I may let you hold on to a little hope when I see you cry,

But that’s because in your pain I find delight!

Who am I?


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