Peace Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for your spirit to engulf humanity.

That everyone would see each other without animosity,

And give to one another, with open hearts,

Help each other out, a world of counterparts,

That live among one another, working together.

Without creed or ideal to separate brothers and sisters.

A land of peace, a renewed world of love and goodness,

Without war or violence or greed or abject foolishness.

May your spirit, oh Lord, rest upon the hearts, minds, and souls.

Vibrate within us a need and desire to be holy and full.


Merry Christmas!

Love Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, to be rid of my darkened heart.

Cast out the shadows, force the demons “depart!”

I want real love to burn bright within.

Not the kind that resulted from sin.

The kind that built the world and everyone in it.

The kind that spent six days to make the it perfect.

I want that flawless love, that takes care of everyone.

The kind that doesn’t stop until the work is done.

Please teach me love, so I can do your will.

Though not me, Lord, your love fulfill.


Joy Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, that my heart will burst forth.

Like an explosion of laughing girth!

A heart that releases joy into the atmosphere.

Helping others find their inner cheer.

To bring life to those who are broken,

To encourage those with your words spoken.

I pray that my worries never persist,

For you will always be there to assist.

And for my heart can remain soft and light,

So your joy, through me, will shine bright.


Patience Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for an unburdened heart.

One that will not rush into the unholy parts,

One that will not judge those who surround me,

And one that will not fill up with anger and envy.

May your ways envelope me, oh Father,

So that I may impart on many others,

The timeliness of your loving embrace,

when we find ourselves losing faith.

Patience be with us, in every step;

Father be with us till our last breath.

Kindness Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for a softer touch.

One non-judgemental, one not rushed.

May my words encourage the fallen.

May my actions spur on the downtrodden.

May no evil spill from my lips;

May I remain in forever kindness.

I pray that my fingers lift those up,

who have found themselves with empty cup,

and may your love be fully reflected,

In my eyes, my touch, my words, respectively.

Goodness Prayer

I pray for a mind full of integrity,

keep it away from thoughts of jealousy,

anger, vengeance, and superiority.

Keep it mindful of the fruits of the holy spirit.

Speak softly to my heart, so my mind can feel it.

Your goodness abounds through your loving sacrifice.

May it spread throughout me, like your son Jesus Christ.

May I spread it throughout with my mouth so those can hear.

May my actions speak loudest, so your grace becomes clear.

Make me faultless all for your glory;

fill me with goodness, an example to your story.

Faithfulness Prayer

I pray for a heart full of faith;

faith so strong that I will never shake.

To trust in You, so firm and true,

never to worry, agonize, or stew.

I pray that my mind will always remember

that You are with me, a bright, glowing ember,

that burns in my soul, never to expire,

Your spirit envelopes me, and sets me on fire.

Stoke up my faith, oh Lord, build me up strong!

Help me keep my faith burning, all my years long!


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